with a professional touch your image can look better

Is it natural?

Itīs been said that a photography without retouching is like a woman without a make up. I don īt really think it is necessary to retouch everything, but some blamishes and temporal imperfections could be removed or tempered. Sometimes you need changes on a background or maybe color change. And if these changes are made sparingly, the result will look natural.

What kind of pictures is good for retouching?

Any you like! It is not important if it is a portrait picture for your business portfolio or your favourite photograph from your last holidays. You can ask to remove unwanted details, change colors, color tone and more. You can also ask for photo-collage, add all your family members to one picture or colorize old, black and white photograph.

Art made of your photograph

You can add a special feel to your favourite photographs. With few tweaks and artistic filters your images can be modified to a real art-work!

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